Video Content and Its Role in the Marketing Funnel [Infographic]


Video in terms of marketing use has grown rapidly in the last number of years; we have seen the proliferation of video content in general from both individuals (influencers) and brands as they struggle to make the louder “noise” in the crowded marketing and advertising space.

Video content is fantastic in that it can create amazing depth to wherever it’s placed. For example a video on a website product page will be immensely more powerful in terms of message than a detailed product description will ever be. Video content is costly because it requires a high degree of quality and professionalism in order to be delivered well. If you or your brand are contemplating incorporating video into your marketing efforts, you need to ensure that the end result is slick and delivers your message with intent and clarity. Think carefully before moving to video and plan your strategy carefully outlining your key goals. A branding video will of course be entirely different to a product specific video which is there to educate the user on the benefits and features of your product. Engage with reliable and experienced video marketing professionals and crucially view some of their portfolio to decide on the theme you wish to impart in your own messages.

This infographic from the people over at One Productions   examines the power of video and highlights some standout facts and stats; it details the various stages of the buying funnel and indicates how video belongs at the various stages; it also outlines key takeaways for successful video marketing.

Check the full infographic out below for more!


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