Top 10 Tips to Optimize eCommerce Homepage [Infographic]


Do you know what features are critical to the success of your eCommerce store ? We research and collect every minute detail. So, you just have to make use of it to improve your site and to get more conversion.

Optimizing eCommerce Home page shouldn’t be one of your task on your to-do list but it should be an essential strategy – something you think about and test and tweak every single day.

The homepage of an eCommerce website is very important for business success whether you’re a beginner in the digital world or achieved an intermediate level virtual selling nerve or attained experienced level enterpriser qualities.

And remember, after you build your home page you must frequently test variations to improve your conversion metrics. This is where you draw, captivate, influence, cajole, or pull the visitor down the funnel.

The home page needs to be alluring and plainly identify the product offering through navigation, imagery and content. Both the creative and technical appearance have to work seamlessly together to create a great first impression.

Of all of the elements involved, calling customer support over and over again is the last thing a users try to make an online purchase. Investing in a live chat software help to address user’s confusion and doubts instantly, and hand hold them down to sales funnel. If you are thinking efficiency in customer service, go live chat.

Along with these, we’re listing 10 trending tips through infographic that are necessary to create a perfect Home page for building trust, driving sales, and creating lifelong customers.