Landing Pages for Content Marketing that Converts [Infographic]


Valuable content spreads like wildfire – providing measurable results and potentially driving qualified leads and sales for your organization.

The perceived value of what’s being offered on your pages can never be greater than what’s required to acquire your content. Content marketing succeeds when this exchange is fair and balanced.



Concept 1: Upsell -> Objective: Lead-gen

In order to turn your blog reader’s attention toward something else, the distraction must be highly relevant to what they came to read.

Rule #1:

Related content must be highly relevant.

Concept 2: Nurture Subscription -> Objective: Lead-gen

The promise of deeper, topic-specific content – beyond the blog – is enough to encourage some percentage of your blog subscribers to add themselves to your lead database and opt-in to your nurture program.

White Papers

Concept 1: Contextual Content Cross-Sell -> Objective: Lead-gen

Relevant content cross-sells offer readers more of what already interests them. For example, readers can opt-in to receive an infographic companion to a white paper. It’s a visual reference that may be valuable enough to compel additional engagement.


Only by experimenting can a marketer know whether a gated or ungated white paper is more effective with their audience.

Clearly define your objectives up-front – is it number of leads, pass-along or social distribution, number of downloads, revenue?┬áMeasure which one is more effective. The ungated version will spread into many more hands, but will its cross-sells generate enough interest?

Read more about this interesting topic via following infographic shared by Ion Interactive.

Landing Pages for Content Marketing that Converts