Conversion Rate Optimization 101 – Understanding CRO [Infographic]


Your main website is the hub of your business’ online presence and is where most of your digital marketing objectives are taking place, whatever particular business purpose they may be. These website objectives vary, depending on how you have designed and built a particular website to cater for a particular purpose, which is usually summed up into these four categories.

1. Generate sales for a product or service

2. Generate leads from potential paying customers

3. Generate traffic to increase impressions for paid advertisements

4. Generate greater brand awareness

The ability for websites to convert traffic into leads, sales or impressions depends on how the website is being optimized for conversion.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) has become so important that it is considered a top priority among digital marketers with the same level of importance as content marketing.

Read more about conversion rate optimization via following infographic shared by Digital Marketing Philippines.
Conversion Rate Optimization 101 - Understanding CRO [Infographic]